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think you have the next $Million idea?

idea × persistence = success

We find, and help raise, the $million unicorn ideas

"You can have brilliant ideas, but if you can't get them across, your ideas won't get you anywhere." - Lee Iacocca

Every great idea needs help to grow into its full potential. At the unicorn farm, we do just that, with the support of a wide range of experts and business professionals.

The Unicorn Farmer will listen to your idea and provide you with honest feedback. If we think that it has real potential, we will invite you to come raise it on our farm - and importantly, if we think it's more of a dead horse, we will let you know so you can start the grieving process.

The Initial Assessment

We start with a 30 minute call to hear the pitch. We do not specify any criteria for what your idea can and can't be, we don't stick to just one industry, and we cover both consumer and business ideas. However, we are not a big fan of powerpoint presentations on the call, and instead prefer to just hear what you have to say.

To help you prepare, the call will typically include:

  • A quick summary of your idea
  • The inspiration for your idea
  • The problems you are trying to solve for
  • What you have done so far
  • What you think are the right next steps

In return, we will be sure to give you feedback in a summary shortly afterwards, including:

  • Our honest opinion as to whether this is a unicorn or not!
  • How to tweak your idea to give it the best chance of success
  • How to test / validate your idea for little to no cost
  • Ballpark figures of costs for someone to build it, if applicable
  • Practical next steps

There is no commitment to the farm from the assessment call.


If we like your idea, and you like us, we will include details of how we can help you raise your unicorn. This is broad ranging, but often includes:

  • Writing a business plan
  • Producing or modifying a product specification document ready for production
  • Funding and investment
  • Managing a technical project
  • Referrals to designers, engineers and other experts
  • All types of consumer and B2B marketing

We particularly believe in a lean process, and most benefit from hearing how they can make real progress with very little cash investment.

We don't bite

For some of you, this might be a very new experience, it might feel scary or intimidating to pitch your idea. Rest assured that we have been in your shoes before, and have an easy and friendly process that wannabe unicorn growers find approachable and inspiring.

One last thing. Lot's of people have ideas, and unfortunately we just don't have time to listen to them all. In order to dedicate the time to those individuals who are serious about getting going, we ask for a nominal $75 fee, which will be used to help support a free parenting resource site called The Online Safety Group.

See, your idea is already doing some good :)


A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

- Sir Winston Churchill


"Time's a wasting - don't talk about wanting to do something, just start doing it."

 - Garrett Murray, Founder @ Karbon


Who is The Unicorn Farmer?

The head farmer is me, Dax, a career product and marketing guy. I have spent the last 15 years designing products and driving revenue, Recent projects include co-founding a $122m technology startup, building a consumer apps company, and an outsourcing sales and marketing firm for media companies.

You can get to know me more on DaxThink.com.

I have a broad collection of assistant farmers who help us raise Unicorns. Individuals who lead in their fields in startups and in Fortune500 companies.