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1:1 Founder coaching

idea × persistence = success

I coach startup people to success

Get started, get funded, get revenue, get big, get sold. Whatever you need support with (including just remaining sane) the Unicorn Farmer helps startup founders bring their idea to market and make it successful.

"I highly recommend the Unicorn Farmer to anyone running a startup and especially to those operating in the digital media domain. Dax helped me answer all the hard questions I had in my mind regarding the short and long-term vision of my company and is the most experienced ad tech professional I have talked with."

Every great idea needs help to grow into its full potential. At the unicorn farm, we do just that, with the support of a wide range of experts and business professionals as needed.

The Initial Assessment

I start with a 30 minute call to hear about why you are looking for support. I do not specify any criteria for what the call should or shouldn’t be, I don't stick to just one industry, and I cover both consumer and business ideas. However, I am not a big fan of powerpoint presentations on the call, and instead prefer to just hear what you have to say.

To help you prepare, the call will typically include:

  • A quick summary of your idea

  • The inspiration for your idea

  • The problems you are trying to solve for

  • What you have done so far

  • Where would you like the most support

  • What format of support do you think works best for you

There is no commitment to the farm from the assessment call, and many of the people I talk to get a lot of benefit from just having this initial sanity check.


If you like me, and I believe I can help you, we will agree on a plan together. Typically a coaching relationship includes two structured calls a month, plus regular contact for quick questions via SMS / WhatsApp. Think of me as the experienced co-founder in your pocket!

Typical activities and topics with Founders include:

  • The “am I out of my mind” discussion and counseling!

  • A go-to trusted resource to talk through the day to day

  • How to assess business decisions

  • Funding and investment options (and should you do either)

  • Demand generation - sales, marketing, lead gen

  • Access to a network of brands, agencies, investors for business development

We particularly believe in a lean process, and most benefit from hearing how they can make real progress with very little cash investment.


A pessimist sees the difficulty in every opportunity, an optimist sees the opportunity in every difficulty.

- Sir Winston Churchill


"Time's a wasting - don't talk about wanting to do something, just start doing it."

 - Garrett Murray, Founder @ Karbon


Who is The Unicorn Farmer?

I have a passion for helping exciting companies grow and evolve, having done it myself several times.

FRESH Media (WeAreFreshGroup.com) is a fully capable digital media buying company. I and Andrew Pancer (https://bit.ly/2GAj5TK) take a no-fuss approach to campaigns of all types, including online, mobile, video, LinkedIn and Amazon marketing.

As Bulldog Corp., I created an amazing resource of 20+ hand-picked executives that work to generate revenue for the best technology and media companies. (Ask me how we can generate sales for you).

Additionally, as a fractional Chief Marketing/Product/Strategy Officer, I provide consulting to companies needing a very hands-on executive, without them having to take on a full-time hire.

Prior I co-founded Chango, an innovative ad tech company innovating 'big data' and 'real-time bidding' before they were buzz words! We delivered strong results for some of the world's largest brands and agencies. (Sold to $RUBI in 2015, giving a 10x return to investors).

You will find me writing about the future of technology and its impact on society at 84Futures.com, and on Medium.

I co-founded amazing daughters. The blood flows in pixels.